Epic Hi Plus One: The bird’s-eye view action ‘Life in the Well’ is get to free

Let’s take a look at this week’s Happy Plus One? It turned out to be a dual joystick action game ‘In the Well’ that combines pinball, hacking and hacking elements.

The current value of the Steam platform is RMB 32. This week’s free collection period ends on April 1, 2021, and ‘Detective of the Mist’ will be given out next week.

As reported, ‘Life in the Well’ is a top-view, marble-style, hack-and-slash maze exploration game. As the last surviving BOT-C personnel, you have to go deep into the mysterious mountainous area in the desert to restore the power of the ancient facility that is plagued by a desperate creature.

Discover and upgrade powerful equipment to liberate Phantom Town from a deadly sandstorm. This game has low configuration requirements, only 5 GB of available storage space and Intel Core i3-530 + Nvidia GTX 470 alone can be played.


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