Intel’s 13th-generation desktop and mobile core Raptor Lake leaked, will support LPDDR5X memory

As per the report, Intel’s 13th-generation desktop/mobile core Raptor Lake leaked. Raptor Lake will be the successor of Alder Lake. On the mobile side, Raptor Lake will optimize the large and small core design of Alder Lake, bring performance improvements, and support LPDDR5X memory.

Raptor Lake desktop will optimize the cache to improve game performance and bring new vPro features. Regarding the 11th-generation Core Alder Lake that will be launched in the second half of this year.

This series of processors will utilize large and small core designs and support DDR5-4800 memory and PCIe 5.0. The product line of Intel’s 12th-generation Core mobile processor Alder Lake, including 6 series of products.

Regarding the core design of the 12th generation Core, Intel has officially declared. Intel said in January this year that the 12th-generation Core processor will mix large and small cores and adopt a big.

LITTLE large and small core design similar to Arm. Alder Lake’s large core will use Intel’s next-generation Golden Cove, and the small core will use the next-generation Grace Mont. ‘

It is expected that the 13th generation Core will be an optimized version of the 12th generation Core’s large and small core design. Considering the delay of Intel’s 7nm process, the 13th generation Core may still use the enhanced 10nm SuperFin process.


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