Microsoft announced the release of three new cloud products suitable for specific industries:

  • Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services
  • Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing
  • Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

Along with this, Microsoft also announced the first update of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare and announced that Microsoft Cloud for Retail that was released on NRF in January this year, will be open to public preview in March this year.

Microsoft Financial Services Cloud combines Microsoft solutions, specific templates, APIs, and other specific industry standards, and has multiple layers of security and compliance coverage that can give a differentiated customer experience, improve employee collaboration, and improve productivity, manage risk, and modernize core systems.

Using these functions, retail banks can create a comprehensive customer perspective with deeper insights and next-step feasibility recommendations, and embed digital collaboration in their workflows to make the status visible in real-time, simplify management, and generate insights to reduce fraud occur.

All of this is achieved through the scalable hybrid deployment options required by financial services organizations to help modernize their systems. The public preview of this cloud product is expected to go live in March 2021. The Microsoft Manufacturing Cloud will be open for public preview at the end of June, and it will provide support for the core processes and needs of the industry.

These end-to-end manufacturing solutions integrate the new functions, existing functions, and partner solutions in the Microsoft product matrix, and seamlessly connect people, assets, workflows, and business processes to make the organization tougher.

In addition, Microsoft’s non-profit organization cloud will be open for public preview at the end of June this year. The service will connect trusted cloud services with the most common non-profit organization work scenarios like client interaction, project design and execution, volunteer management, and fundraising, etc. and all of this will be through non-profit organizations.

The organization’s common data model is integrated. It is reported that Microsoft Industry Cloud integrates common data models, cross-cloud connectors, workflows, APIs, and industrial components and standards with Microsoft 365 and Teams, Microsoft Smart Cloud Azure, Microsoft Power Platform, Dynamics 365, and security solutions. Services are integrated.



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