During the 2021 MWC Shanghai, Huawei held a sub-forum with the theme ‘5G Co-innovation Value’. Ding Yun, executive director of Huawei and president of operator BG, delivered a keynote speech of the same name and officially launched the Huawei 5GtoB solution.

As of the end of 2020, the number of 5G commercial terminals and users has exploded compared to 2019. The number of commercially available terminals reached 380, an increase of 8 times.

The number of mobile users reached 220 million, an increase of 17 times. The number of wireless home broadband connections reached 1.05 million, an increase of 21 times. Ding Yun predicts that these figures will continue to grow by about three times this year.


Huawei’s 5GtoB solution consists of 4 major parts, including ‘5GtoB basic network’, ‘5GtoB network capability opening’, ‘5GtoB application enablement, and ‘5GtoB industry market’.

Among them, the ‘5GtoB industry market’ is to build a digital supermarket on the cloud. Enterprise users can order the required 5G industry solutions in a one-stop manner in the digital supermarket according to different scenarios.

Ding Yun announced that Huawei has joined operators, partners, and enterprise users to take the lead in applying 5GtoB platform solutions in the steel industry, and achieve standardization and rapid replication of industry solutions through the platform, like 5G to steel automation, 5G AR remote assistance assembly, 5G steel meter quality inspection, etc.