AT the MWC21 Shanghai Conference that just kicked off, OPPO held a flash charging ecological communication meeting with the theme of ‘Fast·Into the Future’. OPPO stated that it will work with partners such as FAW-Volkswagen, NXP, and Anker to continue to expand the application areas of VOOC flash charging technology.

Since its first mass production and sale on the Find 7 series in 2014, OPPO has continued to optimize the VOOC flash charging technology at the three levels of software, hardware, and custom algorithms to continuously improve charging efficiency and safety.

In November 2018, OPPO officially opened the patent authorization for VOOC flash charging technology. At this communication meeting, OPPO also announced the latest VOOC flash charging technology ecosystem partners, including FAW-Volkswagen, NXP (NXP), Anker, etc.

OPPO VOOC flash charging technology empowers more terminal devices to reach high-frequency charging scenarios such as homes, offices, vehicles, public places, etc., to meet consumers’ all-weather, multi-terminal, and multi-scenario charging needs.

As of December 31, 2020, OPPO has more than 2,950 global patent applications in the fast charging field, with a total of nearly 1,400 authorized patents, bringing a safe, efficient, and burden-free flash charging experience to 175 million users worldwide.

OPPO’s independent research and development of VOOC flash charging is the first fast charging technology to obtain five-star certification from Thiel Labs. The ‘Flash Charging Technology Report’ was released on the spot, looking back and looking forward to the development of VOOC flash charging technology ecology.

And guiding VOOC flash charging industry partners to conduct standard tests and certifications to ensure the safety and reliability of third-party VOOC flash charging accessories.

Up to now, OPPO has opened up VOOC flash charging patent authorization to more than 40 industry partners.