Global sales of ‘GTA 5’ action-adventure game exceeded 140 million

Today, TGA founder Jeff Giesley declared on Twitter that the sales of the game ‘GTA 5’ have exceeded 140 million.

As an old game launched in 2013, ‘GTA 5’ can be described as an evergreen tree in the game industry. Since the game landed on the PC platform in 2015, it has fallen out of the top ten on the Steam sales list only a few times.

NPD released the national game sales list,  ‘GTA 5’ has been on the list since 2013, and it was absent for the first time until January this year, but this change may only be because Take-Two no longer counts the digital version of “GTA 5” Sales.

In November last year, Take-Two, the parent company of ‘GTA 5’ production company R Star, announced that the global cumulative sales of “GTA 5” reached 135 million.

Now that the 140 million achievements of ‘GTA 5’ have been achieved, we can’t help asking again the question that has puzzled countless people.

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