This week’s Epic Xiga One game is an annual edition of the Galaxy City style 2D game ‘Dandara: Trial of Fear’, which supports Windows and Mac platforms.

This game is developed by Long Hat House, supports simplified Chinese, has very low configuration requirements, and the core display can run smoothly.

Game introduction:

  • The world of Salt is falling apart, and people who were free are now suffering from oppression and isolation.
  • In the boundless fear, a heroine, like a ray of hope, stepped forward. She is Dandara.
  • Here, you will not be constrained by gravity. The floor, walls, and ceiling allow you to jump horizontally and horizontally.
  • Discover the mysteries and mysteries in this world, and get in touch with various bizarre characters.
  • Incarnate as Dandara, overcome all difficulties and defeat enemies who only want to oppress and rule.

Dan Dara has awakened, and only she can restore freedom and balance to this directionless world.



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