Razer will simultaneously release the ‘Nagavan Snake X’ gaming mouse at 23:00 on January 21st. This product is specially designed for MMO and RPG games. It has 16 programmable buttons and 12 side buttons.

The mouse uses a right-hand ergonomic design and is furnished with Razer SPEED FLEX super soft braided wire, which makes it slide more smoothly.

Razer Synapse X can map game buttons and macro commands through Razer Synapse Thunder Cloud 3 software, and the onboard memory can store a configuration file.

This mouse is furnished with Razer 5G optical sensor, up to 18000DPI, resolution accuracy up to 99.4%, tracking speed 450IPS, acceleration of 40G.

The mouse is furnished with the second-generation Razer optical micro-motion, with a response time of only 0.2ms, which avoids the rebound delay, feel, and life issues of traditional micro-motion.

Razer Nagavan X mouse weighs only 85g and is furnished with Razer Symphony Technology to customize the lighting. This mouse is currently on sale in Razer Tmall’s official flagship store at a price of 499 yuan ($77.12 US).



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