Sony’s new-generation game console PS5 is selling well. In addition, Sony is preparing to increase inventory at the end of the year, which also increases the demand for required processors and provides chip foundry services. TSMC and ASE of packaging and testing services are also preparing to provide capacity support.

The AMD, which supplies processors for Sony’s PS5, has obtained more 7nm process capacity support from TSMC in order to supply more processors for Sony’s PS5. They increase production and increase inventory.

However, this person in the industry chain also said that after obtaining more 7nm process capacity support from TSMC, the shipment of processors required by Sony’s PS5 will depend on the supply of ABF carrier boards it needs.

The Sony PS5 is equipped with a custom-designed processor by AMD. The chip foundry TSMC adopts the 7nm process. The packaging and testing services are undertaken by manufacturers such as ASE.

After receiving more support from TSMC for 7nm process capacity, if the ABF carrier board The ability to keep up with demand means that the demand for packaging and testing services will increase, but it is not clear whether AMD has received more capacity support from packaging and testing service vendors such as ASE.



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