Apple has launched a new mentorship program designed specifically for the new generation of college students

As the report of MacRumors, Apple announced an application for a new mentor program, which is specifically designed for a new generation of college students and will be released in early 2021.

According to a PDF file introducing Launch@Apple, the target of this program is to invite freshmen and sophomores who major in finance, economics, accounting, or related subjects of business, mathematics, business, or data analysis.

So as to have the opportunity to talk with Apple mentors In one-to-one learning, the tutor can provide learning resources and opportunities to develop professional skills. This is a good opportunity to find a job and a paid internship.

Apple has not publicly announced Launch@Apple, and it is not entirely clear how the news spread. MyHealthyApple shared the details.

Last week, a LinkedIn article also highlighted this project. However, this program also has some thresholds.

Students must be in the first or second year of university, and their parents or legal guardians have not obtained a university degree.

Students must be willing to improve their financial knowledge in a ‘fast-paced and innovative environment’ and plan to accept one of these subjects. Apple accepts applications until January 8, 2021 (Friday).

Students who want to participate must provide detailed information such as school, GPA, and resume, and answer some personal questions, such as how to face challenges in life, etc. Wait.


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