‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ comes to 2 million players

The 38-year-old flying game ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ was updated with the newest 2020 version in August this year. As per the news of foreign media MSPoweruser report, yesterday Microsoft announced that the total number of players for this game reached 2 million.

Just earlier this year, the sales of Microsoft’s game just exceeded 1 million. This year’s rapid growth in the number of players is due to the release of a new version of the game in 2020.

The director of “Microsoft Flight Simulator” Jorg Neumann (Jorg Neumann) announced the statistics of the game yesterday:

  1. Players visited 72% of the Earth’s surface in total
  2. More than 50 million flights in the game
  3. The players have flown 3.5 billion miles, which is equivalent to 19 round trips from the earth to the sun
  4. 7,000 players have visited Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington
  5. Fans have watched more than 9.7 million hours on the game live platform Twitch

According to Georg Newman: I’m very honored to see people’s enthusiasm for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Having such a highly engaged community can help us listen to feedback and improve the quality of the simulation.”

Additionally, this game is still actively developing new features including VR, and will be updated in the near future.

‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ will also land on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S next year. This game can be played through an Xbox Game Pass subscription, and players who subscribe to the service do not need to purchase it separately.


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