Google shutting down ‘Stack: PDF Scanner’ in September 2024

Google’s ‘Stack: PDF Scanner’ app, a creation from the company’s Area 120 incubator, is set to be discontinued in September. Stack was designed to help users scan and organize documents and receipts efficiently. The app’s closure marks the end of one of the more consumer-facing projects from Area 120, which no longer exists as an internal incubator.

Google announced that support for Stack would end the week of September 23. However, users need not worry about losing functionality, as the app’s features have been integrated into the Google Drive app. This transition ensures a seamless user experience, as the scanning and organizational capabilities of Stack are now part of Google Drive’s robust suite.

The updated Google Drive app, available on both Android and iOS since November, includes a dedicated “Scan” floating action button (FAB). This feature provides a redesigned experience with a custom viewfinder and simplified controls. One of the highlights is the “Auto capture” mode, which automatically takes a photo when the document is properly aligned.

The Preview screen then allows users to Crop & Rotate, apply Filters, and add more pages to the PDF. Additionally, machine learning helps suggest relevant titles for scanned documents, such as recognizing a receipt and including the store’s location and date.

To assist Stack users in transitioning, Google offers a tool to export all documents to Drive. This can be accessed via Account > Settings, which moves all stored documents to a green folder named “Stack” in My Drive. Users can also export individual documents through the system Share sheet.

Despite these integrations, Google Drive lacks some of the unique organizational features that made Stack stand out, such as a dedicated home screen and automatic categorization of documents. Stack’s ability to name and organize documents into useful categories and extract key details like total amounts due made it a valuable tool for many users.

In summary, while ‘Stack: PDF Scanner’ is being discontinued, its essential features live on within Google Drive, ensuring users can continue to efficiently scan and organize their documents.


Google shutting down ‘Stack: PDF Scanner’ in September 2024
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