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Google Pixel 9 Pro Teased: A sneak peek and what to expect

Google has once again stirred excitement among tech enthusiasts with a teaser video and an official announcement for an upcoming event. This move comes as the company prepares to unveil the much-anticipated Google Pixel 9 Pro, the latest addition to its flagship smartphone lineup.

A short, 12-second video clip on the Google Store website offers a first look at the Pixel 9 Pro’s design. The video shows an animation of the Google Pixel logo transforming into the Roman numeral “IX,” then subtly reveals the outline of the device and its distinctive triple-lens camera bar.

Google has also announced a keynote event for August 13, 2024, which will be broadcast live on YouTube. The event promises “the latest exciting updates to Android, Gemini, and the Pixel device portfolio.”

AI in focus
The integration of Google AI and the Gemini mobile platform is front and center, with Google pointing to “significant advancements in the user experience.” Speculation suggests that the Pixel 9 series could be the first devices to feature Gemini Live, an AI-based conversational experience unveiled at Google I/O.

Google Pixel 9 Pro Teased: A sneak peek and what to expect
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