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Title: Spice up your WhatsApp messages with these formatting tricks

WhatsApp is a ubiquitous messaging platform, offering users a versatile way to communicate. While many are familiar with its basic messaging capabilities, few realize the potential to enhance their messages through formatting. Utilizing these formatting tricks can help you emphasize key points, add personality to your texts, and keep your conversations engaging. Here’s how you can transform your WhatsApp messages from plain to captivating.


To make a point stand out or highlight important information, bold text is the perfect tool. It’s especially useful for drawing attention to crucial details, such as event times or important reminders. To bold your text, place asterisks (*) around the word or phrase.

  • Example: This is bold text.


Italic text is ideal for adding subtle emphasis or stressing certain words without being too overpowering. Use underscores (_) around the word or phrase to italicize it.

  • Example: This is italic text.


Use strikethrough to indicate corrections, cancellations, or completed tasks. It can also add a humorous touch by showing changes in plans. Place tildes (~) around the text for strikethrough.

  • Example: Going to the gym and Watching Netflix instead.


Monospace text is great for technical discussions or sharing code snippets, offering a distinctive look from the standard font. Enclose the text in three pairs of backticks (“`).

  • Example: This is monospace text.

Inline Code

For sharing precise instructions or commands, inline code formatting is useful. It’s particularly handy for tech-related conversations. Enclose the text in backticks (`).

  • Example: This is inline code


To reference a specific part of a previous message, use quotes. This is especially helpful for responding to long texts, as it makes discussions clearer. Start the line with a greater-than symbol (>) and a space.

  • Example: > This is a quote.

Bulleted List

Organize information in bulleted lists to make your messages clear and structured. Use an asterisk/hyphen and a space before each item.


  • First item
  • Second item
  • Third item

Numbered List

For instructions or sequences, numbered lists are ideal. They help the reader follow steps easily. Use numbers followed by a period.


  • First item
  • Second item
  • Third item

Combining Formatting

Enhance your messages by combining different formats. Mixing bold, italic, strikethrough, and more can create visually interesting and clear messages.

  • Example: This text is bold, italic, and monospace.

Easier Ways To Format Text in WhatsApp

If remembering all the symbols is challenging, WhatsApp offers an easier way. Simply press down on the words you want to format in the text box and select from the formatting options available: bold, italic, monospace, and strikethrough.

WhatsApp Formatting on Desktop vs. Mobile

Both the mobile app and WhatsApp web support these formatting features. While the functionality is the same, the desktop version offers the advantage of keyboard shortcuts for quicker formatting.

By incorporating these simple formatting tricks, you can make your WhatsApp messages more engaging and visually appealing. Experiment with different formats to make your conversations more dynamic and effective.

Title: Spice up your WhatsApp messages with these formatting tricks
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