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Does Instagram limit your blocked accounts? here’s what I discovered

In the evolving landscape of social media, managing your interactions and safeguarding your experience is crucial. One way Instagram users maintain a positive experience is by using the block feature to control who can interact with them.

However, there appears to be some confusion about the functionality of Instagram’s block list, particularly whether there is a limit to the number of accounts you can block. As a frequent user who regularly utilizes the block feature, I delved into this topic to uncover the truth about Instagram’s handling of blocked accounts. Here’s what I discovered.

Does Instagram Have a Block Limit?

The short answer is no, there’s no actual limit to the number of accounts you can block on Instagram. However, your blocked list may not show all the accounts you’ve blocked, creating the illusion of a cap. When opening the blocked list in settings, you might notice a static count of 200 blocked accounts, even if you’ve blocked many more.
Investigating the Issue

Upon noticing this peculiar behavior, I initially thought Instagram might automatically unblock older accounts. However, a deeper dive revealed that these accounts remain blocked. Searching for specific accounts confirmed they were still blocked despite not appearing on my visible list.

To further verify, I unblocked one of the 200 visible accounts, and an older blocked account reappeared at the end of the list. This indicates that while the accounts remain blocked, only a certain number are displayed.

Possible Explanations

  • It Could Be a Bug: Regular updates and maintenance are crucial for app functionality. Although updating the app didn’t resolve the issue, the possibility of it being a bug can’t be entirely ruled out. Given the duration of this problem, it might be intentional rather than a glitch.
  • Encouraging Positive Interaction: Instagram has a history of tweaking features to promote positive user interactions, like removing the visibility of likes to your friends. Limiting the visible block list might be a subtle nudge to reduce extensive blocking and encourage more positive engagements.
  • Performance Management: Long lists can impact app performance, especially on mobile devices. Testing this theory, I logged into Instagram on a desktop browser and could see my full blocked list. This suggests the limitation might be a strategy to reduce mobile app load.
  • Prioritizing User Safety: While blocking enhances safety, there is potential for misuse, such as harassment tactics involving blocking and unblocking. Limiting the visible block list could mitigate these risks by making it harder for users to game the system.
  • Preventing Users From Gaming the Algorithm: Instagram’s algorithms track interactions to manage content visibility. Frequent blocking and unblocking could disrupt these metrics, potentially skewing engagement figures and gaming the system.

Whatever the reason behind this limitation, many users, including myself, find it inconvenient. Ideally, Instagram will address this issue in a future update to enhance user experience and functionality.

Does Instagram limit your blocked accounts? here’s what I discovered
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