8 ways to improve your Steam recommendations

Steam’s game recommendation system is designed to help users discover new games based on their play history, purchase patterns, in-game activity, wishlist, and other factors. However, sometimes these recommendations might not be as personalized or accurate as you’d like. To enhance your experience and receive more tailored game suggestions, consider the following eight strategies.

Rate and Review Games

Steam’s algorithm learns your preferences through your ratings and reviews. By positively rating games you enjoy, Steam will recommend more games of a similar genre. Conversely, negative ratings and detailed reviews about what you didn’t like will prevent similar games from being suggested. To rate and review a game:

  • Go to the Library tab and select the game from the left sidebar.
  • Click on the Store Page.
  • Choose Yes or No to recommend the game.
  • Enter your review and click Post review.

Review Suggestions in the Discovery Queue

The Discovery Queue offers a curated list of games based on your preferences. By interacting with this list—adding games to your wishlist, following, ignoring, or purchasing—you help Steam refine future recommendations. To review suggestions:

  • Go to the Store tab.
  • Click on Discovery Queue.
  • Explore your queue and interact with the suggestions.
  • Click Next in Queue after reviewing each game.

Keep Your Wishlist Updated

An up-to-date wishlist indicates your current interests. Regularly add new games, remove those you’ve lost interest in, and rearrange your favorites to help Steam understand your evolving preferences. To manage your wishlist:

  • Click on a game to open the store page, then click Add to your wishlist.
  • To remove a game, go to the Store tab, select Wishlist, find the game, and click Remove.
  • Drag and drop to rearrange your wishlist.

Customize Store Preferences

Tailoring your store preferences can filter out unwanted content, making recommendations more relevant. Adjust your preferences by:

  • Clicking your profile icon and selecting Store Preferences.
  • Unchecking boxes for content you don’t want to see.
  • Adding excluded tags for genres or games you’re not interested in.

Follow/Unfollow Curators

Steam curators recommend games based on their expertise. Following curators who share your interests and unfollowing those who don’t can enhance your recommendations. To manage curators:

  • Go to the Store tab and select By Curators.
  • Browse curators, follow those you like, and unfollow those whose suggestions no longer align with your taste.

Remove Old Games From Your Library

Removing games you no longer play can signal to Steam to adjust its recommendations. To remove a game:

  • Go to the Library tab.
  • Right-click the game and select Manage > Remove from account.

Finish Games and Try More Demos

Completing games indicates strong interest, which Steam’s algorithm considers. Additionally, trying free demos can help refine your recommendations. Finish games you enjoy and explore demos to signal your preferences to Steam.

Use the “More Like This” Feature

The More Like This section on a game’s store page displays related games. Exploring these suggestions and adding them to your wishlist helps Steam understand your interests. To use this feature:

  • Go to a game’s store page, scroll to More Like This, and add interesting games to your wishlist.

By consistently applying these tips, you can help Steam better understand your interests and improve the quality of its game recommendations.

8 ways to improve your Steam recommendations
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