14 amazing FaceTime features you probably overlooked

FaceTime is a versatile communication tool that allows you to make audio and video calls on your Apple devices. Beyond its basic calling capabilities, FaceTime offers numerous features that enhance the user experience, such as hidden chat options, screen sharing for remote assistance, and much more. Here are some underused FaceTime features worth exploring to make the most out of your Apple device interactions.

Use FaceTime Audio for Crystal Clear Calls

  • The audio quality of FaceTime Audio is significantly better than regular phone calls, akin to upgrading from VHS to Blu-ray. FaceTime uses the AAC-LD codec for a higher frequency range, which improves voice clarity. To make a FaceTime Audio call, simply hit the “Audio” button during a call.

Fake Eye Contact for a More Natural Feel

  • For a more natural appearance during calls, enable the “Eye Contact” feature in FaceTime’s settings. This AI-driven feature digitally adjusts your gaze, making it seem like you’re maintaining eye contact, even if your eyes wander.

Make Conversational Text Calls with RTT

  • Real-Time Text (RTT) allows you to chat in real time during a call, where the recipient sees each character as you type. To use RTT, ensure it is enabled in your accessibility settings and make an RTT call by selecting the appropriate option when dialing.

Move the FaceTime Window to an iPad

  • Using Sidecar, you can move your FaceTime window to an iPad, providing more space to multitask on your Mac. Hover over the FaceTime window’s green full-screen button and select “Move to iPad.”

Record Important Calls for Reference

  • You can record FaceTime calls using the built-in screen recording feature on iOS or macOS. On iPhone, use the Control Center to start recording. On Mac, use Command+Shift+5 to select and record the FaceTime window.

Take Control of Another Device

  • Share your screen or control another person’s device to provide live technical support. Start a FaceTime call, then select “Share My Screen” from the options to begin.

Boost Your Mac’s Image Quality with Continuity Camera

  • Improve video quality by using your iPhone as the camera source during FaceTime calls. Enable Continuity Camera in the FaceTime settings and select your iPhone as the video source.

Save FaceTime Snapshots as Live Photos

  • Capture Live Photos during FaceTime calls by enabling the feature in the settings. Hit the shutter button during a call to take a snapshot, which is saved in the Live Photos album.

 FaceTime with Android or Windows Friends

  • Create a FaceTime link to invite non-Apple users to join your call via their web browser. Share the link using your preferred method, allowing others to join without needing an Apple device.

Personalize the FaceTime Ringtone

  • Change the FaceTime ringtone to distinguish it from other notifications. Adjust the ringtone in the FaceTime settings on your iPhone or Mac.

Mute Yourself or Switch to Audio-Only

  • For privacy, mute your audio or switch to audio-only mode during a call. Toggle the microphone or camera icon on the calling screen as needed.

Collaborate on Projects or Documents

  • Invite others to collaborate on documents during a FaceTime call by switching to an app that supports collaboration and selecting the “Collaborate” option from the share sheet.

FaceTime on Mac Faster with Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Enhance productivity with FaceTime keyboard shortcuts. For instance, press Control+Command+F to enter full-screen mode or Command+R to switch between portrait and landscape orientation.

Reduce Background Noise on Your iPhone

  • Minimize background noise by enabling “Voice Isolation” during a call. Access this feature through the Control Center and select “Voice Isolation.”

FaceTime continues to evolve, introducing new features to enhance user experience. By leveraging these often-overlooked capabilities, you can significantly improve your FaceTime interactions.

14 amazing FaceTime features you probably overlooked
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