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You need this shortcut on your iPhone in case it gets stolen

In today’s world, your iPhone is not just a phone; it’s a hub for personal information, essential apps, and connectivity. Despite Apple’s robust security features, cunning thieves have devised ways to circumvent these measures. One common tactic involves enabling Airplane Mode, which effectively disables tracking capabilities. This article outlines a clever shortcut you can create to protect your iPhone from being stolen and misused.

What iPhone Thieves Do When They Snatch an iPhone

While most iPhone users have the “Find My” feature enabled to track their devices, it’s easy for a thief to disable location tracking by enabling Airplane Mode through the Control Center. By default, the Control Center is accessible even when the iPhone is locked, so thieves don’t need your passcode to activate Airplane Mode.

To enhance security, you can change this setting by navigating to Settings > Face ID/Touch ID & Passcode, then scrolling down to the “Allow Access When Locked” section and disabling “Control Center.” However, this alone isn’t sufficient. If your iPhone is stolen immediately after being unlocked, thieves can still activate Airplane Mode and access your data. This is why Apple’s Stolen Device Protection is crucial, but an additional shortcut can provide further security.

How an iPhone Shortcut Can Help

This shortcut works by using Airplane Mode as an automation trigger to run a custom “Theft Protection” shortcut. The shortcut can perform several actions, such as disabling Airplane Mode and locking the screen, ensuring the device remains trackable and secure. Additionally, you can set the shortcut to take a photo with the selfie camera to capture an image of the thief, though this may slow down the process slightly.

A Guide to Creating This Shortcut

Step 1: Create a “Theft Protection” Shortcut

  • Open the Shortcuts app on your iPhone and tap the “+” to create a new shortcut.
  • Rename the shortcut (e.g., “Theft Protection”).
  • Tap “Add Action” and search for the “Lock Screen” action.
  • Add the “Set Airplane Mode” action and configure it to turn Airplane Mode “Off.”
  • Optionally, add actions to ensure Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Cellular Data are all enabled.
  • To take a photo of the thief, add the “Take Photo” action set to the “Front” camera and disable the “Show Camera Preview” option. Pair it with the “Save to Photo Album” action, and place these actions at the top of the list.

Step 2: Create an Automation Trigger for Your Shortcut

  • In the Shortcuts app, go to the “Automation” tab and tap the “+” or “Create New Automation.”
  • Search for and select “Airplane Mode.”
  • Set the trigger to activate when Airplane Mode “Is Turned On” and enable “Run Immediately.”
  • Select the “Theft Protection” shortcut you created.
  • Test the automation by turning on the Airplane Mode to ensure it locks the screen and turns off it again.

How and When to Disable the Shortcut

To use Airplane Mode without triggering the shortcut, disable the automation by going to Shortcuts > Automation, selecting your “Airplane Mode” automation, and setting it to “Don’t Run.” Enable it again when traveling or in high-risk areas to ensure your device remains secure.

By following these steps, you can enhance your iPhone’s security and mitigate the risks of theft, ensuring your device and personal information remain protected.

You need this shortcut on your iPhone in case it gets stolen
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