6 AI tools to easily get rid of background noise in your audio or video recording

In an ideal world, we’d conduct all our audio and video recordings in serene, soundproofed environments. However, the daily reality for most of us is quite different. Unwanted noise from traffic, neighbors, or other sources can infiltrate our recordings, making them less than perfect. Fortunately, modern technology offers solutions. This article introduces six AI tools designed to help you remove background noise from your audio and video recordings, ensuring clarity and professionalism.

1. Adobe Enhance Speech

Adobe Enhance Speech tops our list for its exceptional ease of use. With just one click, this tool can make your audio or video sound as if it were recorded in a soundproofed space. This is particularly appreciated by those who have struggled to remove background noise from recordings on mobile devices.

Adobe’s Enhance Speech works best for lightweight noise removal, ensuring the main voice remains distinguishable. However, if the background noise is too similar to the main voice, parts of the speech might be mistakenly cleaned out. While the tool is free for audio files, removing noise from video files requires an Adobe Express Premium subscription, priced at $11.49 per month.

2. Audio Enhancer

Audio Enhancer excels at cleaning up background noise and enhancing the overall quality of speech, including fixing loudness levels. What sets it apart is the free customization options it offers. Upon uploading your audio, you can choose specific enhancements and select the type of content, tailoring the results to your needs.

Its free tier provides robust functionality, while the Pro plan unlocks additional features, starting at $10 per month. This flexibility and effectiveness earn Audio Enhancer our silver medal.

3. Audo Studio

Audo Studio, our bronze medalist, efficiently removes background noise and echoes with a user-friendly interface similar to Adobe’s Enhance Speech. Its output is generally satisfactory, often requiring no further manual adjustments.

Audo Studio offers 20 minutes of free audio enhancement monthly, with Pro plans starting at $12 per month. This makes it a cost-effective choice for regular users.

4. is another solid option for AI-powered noise removal. This tool separates the voice from background noise in both audio and video files. While you can clean and listen to files for free, downloading cleaned files requires a Pro subscription.’s Pro plans are usage-based, starting at $18 for 90 minutes of cleaned audio. This pricing model suits those who need high-quality noise removal on a flexible basis.

5. CapCut

CapCut provides a noise reduction feature specifically for video files. It’s user-friendly and effective, available on both mobile and desktop platforms. The noise reducer is free to use without any limits, though there are some privacy concerns among users. If you are comfortable using TikTok, CapCut offers a relatively safe option.

6. Podcastle

Podcastle transforms noisy recordings into polished audio using its AI-powered “Magic Dust” feature, part of its comprehensive audio editing suite. Users can upload, edit, and clean up their audio files seamlessly.

Podcastle’s noise-cleaning feature requires a subscription, with plans starting at $23.99 per month, or $11.99 per month when paid annually. This investment grants access to a range of professional audio editing tools.

Each of these AI tools provides unique features and approaches to noise reduction, catering to different needs and budgets. Whether you need quick fixes or professional-grade solutions, these tools offer various options to ensure your recordings are free from unwanted background noise.

6 AI tools to easily get rid of background noise in your audio or video recording
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