Google Sheets Theme

How to use new themes on Google Sheets?

Do you know that the Google Sheets app offers a total of 16 themes on the web app to splash a new outlook? The standard mode remains the default option although, you can change it to a different one. Besides, users can customize the selected theme for chart backgrounds, text, and hyperlinks.

How to use new themes on the Google Sheets app?

1. Via Computer

  • Open the Sheets app on your computer
  • Go to the Format tab
  • Select the Theme option which will open a new sidebar menu
  • Pick a theme from the list and tap on Customize

Using the customize tab, you can alter the colors and fonts of the selected theme as per your requirement and make it more appealing.

2. Via Smartphone

  • Go to the Google Sheets app
  • Click on the three-dot menu at the top right corner
  • Here you will find two modes – light and dark
  • You will also see the ‘View in dark theme’ option
  • Tap on it to select a light or dark theme

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Google Sheets Theme

How to use new themes on Google Sheets?
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