Apple iPhone No Service Message issue

What is ‘No Service Message’ issue on Apple iPhone? How to fix it

Hey Apple iPhone users, have you ever seen any No Service Message or SOS-only error on your device and wanted a quick fix for this issue? Well here is a short description that defines the problem and tells a few methods that can solve the defect.

SOS only or the No Service Message issue means that you can only make emergency calls on your iPhone. Eventually, users can not initiate regular phone calls, messages, or any work that requires cellular data. This problem often leads to critical situations, especially if your handset is not connected to a standard Wi-Fi network.

For your information, emergency calls refer to police, ambulance, fire rescue, and other services. This problem occurs mainly when you are away from your carrier coverage area, deactivation data roaming, damaged SIM cards, outdated carrier settings, and more.

How to fix the ‘No Service Message’ issue on your Apple iPhone?

  • Turn on or off the Airplane mode
  • Restart the iPhone
  • Activate the Data Roaming feature
  • Update the Carrier Settings
  • Turn on and off the cellular data
  • Switch to 4G or LTE network
  • Switch on automatic network selection
  • Re-insert the SIM card
  • Reset the network settings on your device
  • Update your iPhone to the latest software version

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Apple iPhone No Service Message issue

What is ‘No Service Message’ issue on Apple iPhone? How to fix it
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