OnePlus Open HDR Video Issue

What is HDR Video issue on OnePlus Open foldable? How to resolve it

OnePlus Open is a dynamic foldable in the smartphone market that has made a special space in users’ hearts with its impressive features but in recent times, some Open fold owners reported that they are dealing with an odd HDR Video issue. Consequently, the handset restricts playing HDR clips finely.

As per the details shared on the official community forum, the OnePlus Open foldable is not playing HDR videos perfectly and interrupts the visual experience. Describing the issue, a user said that the screen goes dimmer as he starts a video. Besides, the problem persists irrespective of the app used for playing the clip.

How to resolve the OnePlus Open foldable HDR Video issue?

While we expect that the company will soon notice this matter and drop an update or a fix to resolve this bug, users can try out the methods given below:

  • Restart your OnePlus Open phone
  • Clear the cache of video-playing apps such as YouTube, Amazon Prime, or Hotstar
  • Check if your device is running on the latest version
  • Look for the HDR Video settings on the phone as well as on the apps
  • Turn on the 120Hz refresh rate option in the Display Settings

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OnePlus Open HDR Video Issue

What is HDR Video issue on OnePlus Open foldable? How to resolve it
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