WhatsApp Channel Request Review

What is new Request Review feature in WhatsApp Channel? How to access it

WhatsApp is readying a new Request Review feature for Channel. As the term highlights, it will allow users to select a review reason for suspended Channels and let the owners have more effective clarification over potential violations.

It is worth noting that this additional layer of information will improve the review process. At the same time, it will contribute to valuable insights for WhatsApp moderators, facilitating a quick and accurate assessment of the situation.

How to access the WhatsApp Channel Request Review feature?

The new functionality is rolling out for the Android beta testers via the version and is available on the Google Play Store. Users will find a new section in their Channels named Request Review with the following options for the main reason:

  • Some updates were misunderstood

The respective choice will allow the channel owners to clarify that certain updates or content were misinterpreted.

  • This channel follows all Channel Guidelines

Owners can mention that their content sticks to WhatsApp’s guidelines, emphasizing observation to address any potential oversights or errors in the suspension.

  • Updates like these should be allowed

This option allows owners to express their viewpoint when the suspended content is within acceptable boundaries and aligns with WhatsApp’s policies.

  • This Channel shouldn’t be closed

If you think that this suspension is unfair or there are special circumstances, then you can select this option to ask for a second look. In addition, this option is a simple way for owners who may be unsure why WhatsApp has suspended their channel.

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WhatsApp Channel Request Review


What is new Request Review feature in WhatsApp Channel? How to access it
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