Enable Joe mode Tesla cars

What is Joe Mode in Tesla cars? How to enable it

Tesla Cars have a significant Joe Mode that enable a shield against non-critical alerts and reduces the loud volume by 50%. Accordingly, these alerts include signal indicators, Traffic-Aware Cruise Control, and Autosteer chimes.

The story behind the Joe Mode invention is quite interesting and one must have a look at it. A guy named Joe once reported that he was fed up with annoying beeps and other sounds in Tesla, which affected his driving and woke his baby, sleeping back in the car.

As a solution, Elon introduced the Joe mode (named after the common man) which remarkably reduces the volume of Tesla’s security chimes and alerts so that the driver may get alert without bothering the sleepy passengers.

How to enable Joe Mode in Tesla Cars?

  • On the Tesla Car’s screen, tap on the Controls section
  • Select the Safety and Security option
  • Click on Joe Mode and turn on the toggle

Note that Joe Mode doesn’t come with any time limit. Hence, if you want to disable it at some point then follow the same steps and turn off the toggle.

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Enable Joe mode Tesla cars

What is Joe Mode in Tesla cars? How to enable it
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