Apple macOS 14 leak hints arrival of ‘Dynamic Dock’ feature

Apple macOS 14 will surely bring significant features to the Mac board, and one of them might be a renewed Dynamic Dock. In the latest edition, a few Apple fans brought up their imagination and showed how the tech maker could impose interactive tweaks of iOS to the Mac devices.

Recently, a concept creator shared a new tweet regarding how it would be if the Apple macOS 14 adopted dynamic interactions with app icons in the Dock. Specifically, he mentioned the idea to see the icons in a more dynamic and fluid look.

The designer also posted a video showing the concept of the new addition. By holding the mouse cursor over an icon, the Dock would reveal expanded actions for that app. For instance, doing this action with Messages will highlight unread chats. Whereas, the music app icon will show media controls.

Further, these icons may expand automatically when something new appears or happens. For example, when the song on your playlist changes. In short, the overall view will be similar to the one we see on iPhones in the form of Dynamic Island.

On the flip side, another creator @avstorm aligned the next level of imagination among users. Eventually, the Dock here presents a particular space for Live Activities instead of dynamic icons. This is likewise to the stack of widgets in iOS. It is quite effective as you will be able to see more than one interaction by just scrolling through the Dock.

Both concepts are creative and good enough to layer a revamped look on Mac devices. Perhaps, things depend on how Apple wants to give a shot at these features. Till then, you let us know about how you would like to see the Dock section in your Mac model, in the comment section.

Apple macOS 14 leak hints arrival of ‘Dynamic Dock’ feature
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