OmniVision launched OX03J10 automotive image sensor

According to the latest report, OmniVision released a brand-new product model OX03J10 for three types of scenarios: 360° Surround View Display System, Rear View Camera, and Camera Monitoring System (CMS).

The OX03J10 is a 1/2.44-inch optical format, 1920×1536 single-chip low-power CMOS for human vision and machine vision automotive applications, compliant with ASIL-B safety standards, and can support YUV, RGB, and RAW three output in various formats.


The official said that the use of OmniVision PureCel Plus technology to expand the dynamic range, with AEC / AGC / AWB, lens correction, defective pixel correction, HDR combination, tone mapping, and automatic black level correction image signal processing functions.

OmniVision OX03J10 Image SensorEven in poor lighting conditions such as strong light sources and backlighting outdoors, the on-chip AEC / AGC of the OX03J10 automatically adjusts the exposure gain ratio of sub-pixels according to the dynamic range of the scene. The fully processed output can provide optimized HDR rendering for human vision applications, minimize the impact of external light on driving, highly restore realistic and reliable driving scenes, and escort the safety of users.

In addition, the 0X03J10 also has extremely high sensitivity, which can meet the needs of the car to timely and accurately capture the changes in road conditions and surrounding objects during high-speed driving. The clarity of the image can be further optimized.

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