Nand Flash product prices expected to drop 15%-20% in Q4 2022: TrendForce

TrendForce released a report saying that NAND Flash is currently in oversupply. From the second half of the year, buyers will focus on destocking and significantly reduce purchases. Sellers will set a breaking price to consolidate orders.


In the third quarter, the price of wafers fell by 30%-35%, but various NAND Flash terminal products were still weak, and the original factory inventory rose rapidly, resulting in a 15%-20% decline in the price of NAND Flash in the fourth quarter.

Nand Flash product Price Q4Moreover, the report pointed out that the sales of most of the original NAND Flash products will also officially enter a loss before the end of this year, which means that some suppliers are under the pressure of operating losses, and it is necessary to reduce production to reduce losses.

Client SSD: PC client SSD prices are expected to expand to 15%-20% in the fourth quarter.

Enterprise SSD: Enterprise SSD prices are expected to drop by 15%-20% quarter-on-quarter in the fourth quarter.

eMMC: It is estimated that eMMC prices will drop by about 13%-18% in the fourth quarter.

UFS: It is estimated that the price of UFS will drop by about 13%-18% in the fourth quarter, and may further expand.

NAND Flash wafer: It is estimated that the price decline of NAND Flash wafer in the fourth quarter is 20%-25% quarter-on-quarter.

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