SK Hynix to build new chip packaging factory in US early next year

According to the latest report, to help the United States compete with China, South Korean memory maker SK Hynix plans to build an advanced memory chip in the United States. A chip packaging factory, and will break ground around the first quarter of 2023.


One of the sources, who asked not to be named, said the plant is expected to cost “billions of dollars”, employ about 1,000 people, and be ready for mass production in 2025-2026. And the source said the factory location could be near a university with engineering-related talent.

Last month, Hynix announced that it will invest $22 billion in the United States in the fields of semiconductors, green energy, and bioscience, of which $15 billion will be invested in the semiconductor field. Specifically, the $15 billion will be used for research and development projects, materials research and development, and the construction of advanced packaging and test facilities.

SK Hynix will establish a nationwide R&D cooperation network and related facilities to package SK Hynix’s own memory chips and logic chips designed by other U.S. companies for machine learning and artificial intelligence applications, the sources said.

In addition, the U.S. passed the Chip and Science Act this week, which would provide $52 billion in subsidies for chip manufacturing and research, as well as about $24 billion in tax breaks for chip factories. Chip packaging houses will be eligible for funding, the sources said.

Moreover, SK Hynix officially acquired Key Foundry, a South Korean wafer foundry, on August 2 for a purchase price of 575.8 billion won. SK Hynix expects the acquisition to double its current 8-inch foundry capacity.


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