Nokia 110 4G (2022) launched in India equipped with 1000mAh battery

Nokia 110 4G (2022) mobile phone has been released and launched in the Indian market. This is an iteration of the Nokia 110 4G model in 2021, but if you look at the design alone, the Nokia 110 4G (2022) will be a bit more like the 2019 model.


The Nokia 110 4G (2022) is a dual-SIM phone with 4G connectivity, featuring a rugged design with a 1.77-inch screen and an ergonomic physical keyboard. In terms of entertainment, the Nokia 110 4G (2022) has a micro SD card slot that supports up to 32G memory cards and is officially said to hold 8,000 MP3s. There’s also an FM radio for listening to the news, new versions of classic games like Snake, and automatic call recording.

The Nokia 110 4G (2022) phone has a 30-megapixel camera on the back, and the phone also has a built-in flashlight. This phone is relatively small and light overall, and the battery is 1000mAh, but the official said it is enough to stand by for a month.

Moreover, the Nokia 110 4G (2022) is produced in India and will only be available in India. There are currently three colors of the new machine: cyan, charcoal, and rose gold. The price of the first two colors is 1700 rupees, and the price of rose gold is a little higher, which is 1800 rupees but all colors come with a free earphone worth Rs 299.


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