Japan to open R&D for 2-nm chip mass production under partnership with US

Japan will establish a new-generation semiconductor R&D center in its home country, jointly develop 2nm semiconductor chips with the United States, and start production by 2025.

Yesterday, Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshisho Hayashi and Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry Koichi Hagiuda met with US Secretary of State Blinken and Commerce Secretary Raymondo in Washington and held a ministerial-level meeting on foreign affairs and economics (also known as the economic version of 2+2). The meeting discussed developing countries. Infrastructure investment, supply chain security, and other related issues.


Hagiita Koichi said that Japan will rapidly conduct next-generation semiconductor research, and will establish a new R&D base with the United States to ensure that the source of important components is safe and stable enough. He also said the R&D center would be open to other like-minded countries.

Although the two countries did not disclose more details of the plan at the meeting, Japan’s Nikkei reported that this semiconductor R&D center will be established in Japan before the end of this year, mainly to study 2nm semiconductor chips. The report pointed out that the R&D center includes a Prototype production line and start production by 2025.

Moreover, the United States and Japan are moving from competition to cooperation in the field of semiconductors. The friction between the two sides began in the second half of the 1980s when Japanese semiconductor manufacturing companies swept the global market and had a share of more than 50%.

Subsequently, the United States continued to suppress the Japanese semiconductor industry, and the share of Japanese semiconductors in the global market dropped to 10%. In May of this year, Hagiita Koichi once told the media: “I feel the strangeness of fate in terms of cooperation with the United States in the semiconductor industry.”

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