Dell launched Ryzen version of game box G15

According to the latest report, the 2022 Ryzen version of the game box G15 game book is now available, the configuration can be up to R7 6800H + RTX 3070Ti, and the screen can be up to 2K 240Hz screen.

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Moreover, the Dell Ryzen Edition Game Box G15 gamebook is now available on the official WeChat applet. In terms of configuration, this notebook is equipped with AMD’s latest R7 6800H processor, optional RTX 3060 and RTX 3070 Ti graphics card, optional 1080P 165Hz, and 2K 240Hz screen, standard 16GB memory, and 512GB SSD.

In terms of price, the R7 + RTX 3060 version of the Dell Ryzen version of the game box G15 is priced at USD 1495, and the R7 + RTX 3070 Ti top version is priced at USD 2136.

On April 21, Dell released a new G15 gaming notebook overseas, with a maximum optional R9 6900HX processor and a graphics card with a maximum optional RTX 3070 Ti, starting at $899.


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