Samsung Electro-Mechanics creating new MLCCs for automotive powertrains

According to the latest report, Samsung Electro-Mechanics said it has developed a new MLCC suitable for automotive powertrains and is expanding its product lineup.

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The internal temperature of the internal combustion engine of conventional engine vehicles and electric vehicle (EV) engines can rise to 150 degrees Celsius during the process of transmitting power, so the reliability of internal components is very high.

Previously, only some Japanese companies such as Murata and TDK have produced MLCCs that can guarantee 150 degrees Celsius, so the industry believes that Samsung Electro-Mechanics is paving the way for the fast-growing automotive MLCC field.

Moreover, the electrification of automobiles drives the need for smaller, high-performance, and high-reliability MLCCs. Industry data estimates that the automotive MLCC market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9% due to the increase in the number of electric vehicle sensors and electronic control units.


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