Microsoft acquires Minit to help digital transformation

Microsoft announced that they have acquired Minit. According to Minit, a leader in process mining technology, it can help companies “identify opportunities for continuous process improvement and operational efficiency.”

The Minit CEO said that as part of the Microsoft family, they believe this will strengthen the value Microsoft can provide to its customers in the area of ​​digital transformation. The acquisition will further empower Microsoft to help customers digitally transform and drive operations by creating a complete picture of its business processes, enabling each process to be easily and automatically analyzed and improved.

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While the acquisition may not be as eye-catching as Microsoft’s $68.7 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the deal is also a significant one for Microsoft.

Moreover, Minit’s process mining provides a broader view of a business’s workflows and processes, allowing businesses to quickly identify the real cause of problems in a workflow, allowing them to investigate solutions to problems rather than helplessly looking around for problems in the first place where.

This acquisition will further strengthen Microsoft’s ability to help our customers accelerate digital transformation and drive operations by creating complete business processes, each of which can be easily and automatically analyzed and improved.

Customers will be able to better understand their process data to discover what operations actually look like and drive process standardization and improvement across the organization to ensure compliance at every step.


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