Xiaomi’s Paipai 4K HD Projector will officially go on sale, priced at 499 yuan. Xiaomi Paipai comes with its own Wi-Fi module, and the transmitter and receiver can automatically form a local area network. There is no need to connect to Wi-Fi to configure the network separately, and it can be shot anytime and anywhere.

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Moreover, Xiaomi said that the built-in enterprise-level processing chip of Paipai integrates a network module and also has an encoding and decoding function. The device does not need to be installed with a driver, so it can be used in one shot.

In addition, Xiaomi Paipai is equipped with a 4K codec chip, supports low-compression decoding and 5G frequency band transmission protocol, adopts Type-C interface on the transmitting end, integrates DP high-definition output and PD charging function, and the same receiving end can be connected to multiple transmitters. There is no need to plug and unplug the device back and forth for multi-person screencasting.



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