Apple officially launched the AirPods Pro Special Edition Tiger, priced at 1999 yuan. Apple said that after the first official design for the Year of the Ox, it continues to lay a unique mark for the Year of the Tiger, bringing a special engraving on the AirPods Pro charging box and an exclusive logo on the outer packaging.

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Moreover, Apple’s AirPods Pro wireless headset was released in October 2019, supports active noise reduction, and is priced at 1999 yuan.

Furthermore, Airpods Pro features active noise reduction and transparency mode. Among them, active noise reduction can block environmental noise, and will continuously adjust according to the geometric structure of the user’s ears and the fit of the earplugs, thereby reducing environmental noise.

The transparent mode allows external sound to enter, and the sound insulation effect of the silicone earplugs can be canceled through the cooperation of the extroverted and introverted microphones.



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