DigiTimes quoted sources as saying that TSMC plans to begin commercial production of chips based on its 3nm process in the fourth quarter of 2022. The full report has not yet been released, so no more details can be provided at this time.

Many sources believe that Apple will release its first batch of devices using 3nm chips will be made by TSMC in 2023, which include the Mac series with M3 chips and iPhone 15 models with A17 chips.

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Furthermore, chips with advanced technology will enhance performance and energy efficiency to a certain extent, which will help future Mac and iPhone devices achieve faster-operating speeds and longer battery life.

Besides, Wayne Ma said last month that some M3 chips will have four die, so they can support up to 40 core CPUs. In contrast, the M1 chip currently only has an 8-core design, but the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips have a 10-core CPU.

Apple’s M1 and A15 chips are currently industry-leading processors, so Apple seems to be in no rush for the 3nm process and is expected to maintain its leading position within a few years.



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