According to the latest report, Xiaomi renamed Mi Lan Pro VF (Little Milan Pavilion Pro VF) to Mi Sans in MIUI 12.5 beta 21.7.3 but did not make other changes other than the name.

Currently, MIUI 13 fonts have been exposed, including Mi Prototype 210317 and Mi Sans. Among them, Mi Prototype is the bold version of Mi Sans.

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The Milan Pavilion Pro VF has been used since MIUI 11 and will continue to be used on MIUI 12. The font has changed with the new MIUI 13, renamed Mi Sans, and has a new look.

Moreover, the Mi Sans font is more modern and oval. A comparison of Mi Lan Pro VF, Mi Sans, and Mi Prototype 210317 shows that Mi Sans has more oval shapes and soft lines than Mi Lan Pro VF.

Furthermore, the Mi Sans font also contains two special Xiaomi characters, adding Xiaomi’s new logo this year.



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