Tesla is launching its active road noise reduction function for the new Model S and Model X, which is one of the features of the 2021.44.5 system update.

According to the official introduction: “Your vehicle is now capable of actively reducing low-frequency road noise when driving on rough roads. To achieve this goal, the system uses the microphone on the seat to measure the noise in the cabin and then generates anti-noise through the speaker.

To create a quiet area around the occupants. To enable this feature, tap Audio Settings> Options> Active Road Noise Reduction.”

Moreover, actively reducing road noise only supports Tesla’s new flagship models Model S and Model X. This is because this function requires corresponding hardware.

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Furthermore, Active noise-canceling microphones are installed on the front seats of the above two models. Currently, Model 3 and Model Y has not installed this kind of hardware.

A video shared by Tesla Model S owner Michael Hopwood shows that he tested the feature while driving on a bumpy gravel road. During his driving, he felt that after the active road noise reduction function was activated, the ambient noise in the cabin would be reduced, although the effect did not seem to be very obvious.

Considering that this is only the first launch of Tesla’s initiative to reduce road noise, it is certain that this feature will be significantly improved in the near future. After all, Tesla is known for improving the functions of its vehicles through OTA updates.

By applying reverse sound waves, active noise reduction can solve low-frequency noise very well, but the effect on high-frequency noise is very limited. The road noise happens to be low-frequency noise, which just happens to be easily eliminated by active noise reduction.



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