To provide users with more control, Apple has added a new feature that allows users to close the button in the ad tracking of apps and services through its official iOS 14.5 updates.

The company has now begun rolling out the 14.5 updates for iPhone and iPad users. After the update, users can now choose not to track content on pop-up screens allowed by the app.

Although this may be a good choice and can greatly reduce the hidden dangers of data privacy, it can quickly become annoying. Apple has also given users the option to turn off the ad tracking prompts by heading to Settings.

How to turn off ad tracking prompts once for all on iPhone and iPad

After this, you’ll no longer receive ad-tracking popup notifications from apps.

For those unaware, Apple has listed down all the scenarios which it considers ‘Tracking’. Here’s the list from Apple.

  • Displaying targeted advertisements in your app based on user data collected from apps and websites owned by other companies.
  • Sharing device location data or email lists with a data broker.
  • Sharing a list of emails, advertising IDs, or other IDs with a third-party advertising network that uses that information to retarget those users in other developers’ apps or to find similar users.
  • Placing a third-party SDK in your app that combines user data from your app with user data from other developers’ apps to target advertising or measure advertising efficiency, even if you don’t use the SDK for these purposes. For example, using a login SDK that repurposes the data it collects from your app to enable targeted advertising in other developers’ apps.


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