If you have been looking for how to move PC games to another drive on your Windows computer, here is a quick trick. If your laptop or PC has a low-capacity SSD, moving the game to another location is essential.

Without using any external software or third-party applications, but using Window’s internal settings, you can easily move PC games to another drive.


How to move PC games to another drive using Windows Settings:

Universal applications or games installed from the Microsoft Store can be quickly moved to another drive. Using Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform, you can use the same application or game on multiple devices that support UWP. If your device’s main storage space is insufficient (in this case, C:\drive), mobile apps or games will be convenient.

To move PC games to another drive, this is what you need to do.

  • Head to Windows 10 Settings by pressing the Windows Key + I or go to the Start menu and click on the Settings gear icon.
  • Tap on Apps and on the left side pane, click on Apps & features.
  • Tap on the 3,240 Comments in moderationGame or an App and select Move to move to a different drive or location.
  • Choose a Drive to move the game and click on Move.

That’s all you have to do, in this way, you can move your PC game to another drive, and now you move the game to another location without taking up the main storage space where Windows 10 is installed.

You can do more work on Windows 10. Here are the main tips and tricks of Windows 10 to make the most of it. You can find more great things here-Windows and Mac tutorials and guides.

Note: If you want to move large PC games installed by Steam, Origin, Epic Games, and other clients, you may find an option in the settings of the corresponding launcher. You may not see the option to move the game from the Windows settings.


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