Logitech M380 voice mouse is now on the sale, supporting AI intelligent voice input, multi-language instant translation, and fast dictation input, priced at 199 yuan(30.64 USD).

The Logitech M380 voice mouse combines Baidu’s voice input technology, and can easily enter and translate multiple languages ​​with the click of a button.


As reported, this mouse supports dictation of 400 words per minute, with an accuracy rate of 98%, and supports dictation in three languages.

Additionally, this mouse also supports translation in 7 languages. This mouse adopts a soft curve shape to support the hand, and it is not easy to feel tired after long-term work, using Logitech optical tracking technology, it can move accurately on most surfaces.

It supports plug-and-play wireless You can connect to the receiver wirelessly within 10 meters. Officials say that this mouse uses high-performance batteries and can last up to 18 months.



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