Acer has not only launched a series of predator memory, solid-state drives, also introduced a variety of Acer brands of solid-state drive products, including 2.5 inches, M.2 SATA, but M.2 NVMe also has multiple specifications.

These solid-state hard drives are manufactured by Chinese maker BIWIN. The Acer SA100 solid-state hard drive is positioned at the entry-level and offers 120GB-2TB capacity options.


This series of hard drives are made of 3D TLC particles, and the maximum sequential read and write speeds are 560MB/s and 500MB/s. The working temperature of this product is 0℃-70℃, and it supports SLC acceleration, TRIM, LDPC, and other functions.

The 2.5-inch version of Acer’s RE100 series of solid-state drives covers 128GB-4TB, and it also provides an M.2 SATA version with a maximum capacity of 1TB. The maximum sequential read and write speeds of this hard disk are 560 MB/s and 520 MB/s, and the performance is higher.

Acer FA100 series of solid-state hard drives are of M.2 2280 specifications, using PCIe 3.0×4 channels, with a capacity range of 128GB-2TB, and maximum sequential read and write speeds of 3300 MB/s, 2700 MB/s.

Currently, these solid-state hard drives of Acer have been on sale overseas and have not yet been listed in China.



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