In January of this year, Google introduced a technology to replace third-party cookies, called Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC). Google said that this technology will solve the problem of third-party cookies that have troubled people.

However, the advancement of this technology may not be so smooth. Well-known blog site WordPress yesterday announced, Google’s FLoC tracking technology is likely to cause security problems, and therefore automatically disabled FLoC.

According to Google’s official statement, FLoC technology uses machine learning algorithms to analyze user data and then creates a collection of people based on sites visited by individuals. Advertisers will not obtain users’ local data, but directly obtain a wider range of people’s portraits, so as to distribute advertisements.

Besides, it is not only that WordPress does not support FLoC technology. According to the official interviews of Opera, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, and Firefox, each browser more or less refused to use Google’s FLoC technology.



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