Hebei Mobile and Huawei have recently adopted 5G distributed Massive MIMO technology to create the country’s first indoor 5G ubiquitous gigabit network. Huawei claims that more than 95% of the measured metro station experience rates exceed 1Gbps.

According to the latest information, due to interference in empty and high-density scenes such as waiting halls of high-speed railway stations, the experience in some areas is reduced. Universal and continuous high-speed experience has become an urgent problem in network construction.

Moreover, distributed Massive MIMO is a key technology to support 5G universal Gigabit networks, greatly improving the performance of 5G networks. This technology introduces the 5G outdoor Massive MIMO technology into the indoor distributed architecture to form a distributed Massive MIMO and realizes the dual improvement of 5G network capacity and experience through key technologies such as joint beamforming and multi-user MIMO.

Huawei said that the test results show that after turning on the distributed Massive MIMO, the user experience rate has increased by more than 30%, and it continues to maintain a stable gigabit rate during the movement.



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