On April 16, Zimi declared that ZMI PurPods Pro’s low-luxury ‘black’ color scheme ‘Yao Yue’ will be unveiled on April 27. Zimi will launch PurPods Pro Headphones Thermal Edition on April 27

ZMI launched PurPods Pro true wireless headsets in October last year, supporting ANC dual active noise reduction, priced at 399 yuan (61.10 USD), and then launched ZMI PurPods true wireless headsets with dual-action coil speakers in January this year, priced at 199 yuan (30.47 USD).


But currently, the purple rice earphones are only available in white, and those who like black can pay attention to them.

The Purple Rice PurPods Pro headset supports ANC dual active noise reduction, with 35dB noise reduction depth; supports 3MIC call noise reduction, Speech + FF + FB technology.

This headset is furnished with a composite diaphragm moving coil unit and a unique front cavity module. This headset is equipped with EQsmart adaptive technology.

Which can adapt to the volume, noise reduction, and automatic game mode. The headset supports Bluetooth 5.2, which can cover 200 points.

By looking at the battery life, the Purple Rice PurPods Pro has 7 hours of noise reduction mode, 8 hours of transparent mode, 10 hours of noise reduction off, and 32 hours of charging box. Charge for 5 minutes, listen to songs for 2 hours, and charge 50% in 15 minutes.



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