On April 10th, the 9th China Electronic Information Expo (CITE2021) was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. At this exhibition, TCL Huaxing demonstrated a 6.53″ 110% NTSC mobile phone screen equipped with self-developed NTSC 110% ultra-high color gamut LCD display technology.

At present, the common color gamuts of LCD mobile phone displays are sRGB (NTSC 70.8%), NTSC 85% and DCI-P3 (NTSC 96%), while the color gamut of OLED mobile phone displays is mostly between NTSC 100%-110%.

In March this year, TCL Huaxing announced the launch of its self-developed NTSC 110% ultra-high color gamut LCD display technology. It is stated that its NTSC 110% ultra-high color gamut LCD display technology can effectively enhance the color gamut of products and achieve purer and brighter color performance.

According to reports, after continuous exploration by R&D personnel, it is clear that based on the existing backlight, by changing the structure of the LED phosphor material, the green wave peak in the backlight spectrum is moved to a short wavelength to a specific wavelength position.

At the same time, the color film photoresist component is adjusted The pigment ratio increases the color density (helps reduce the photoresist film thickness and improves manufacturability). While the green photoresist transmission spectrum peak matches the backlight green wave peak; and the white screen chromaticity is adjusted by optimizing the panel design.

Finally, after repeated experiments and verifications, an ultra-high color gamut panel of NTSC110% was successfully developed.



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