TCL Huaxing Mini-LED flat-panel product unveiled

At the World Mobile Communications Conference (MWC2021), TCL Huaxing’s new Mini-LED panel was launched.

This product utilizes Mini-LED, Local Dimming, and other technologies to achieve a million-level ultra-high contrast, 100% NTSC ultra-high color gamut, HDR1000, 2 mm ultra-thin body, and 2 mm ultra-narrow frame.

According to the official, compared with ordinary LCD screens, it can only achieve a contrast ratio of 1500:1 and a color gamut of ≤96% NTSC.

The TCL Huaxing 13.3′ Mini-LED flat panel display is achieving a million-level ultra-high contrast ratio and greater than 100% NTSC ultra-high color.

Along with this, it also meets HDR1000, and the color image is closer to reality. The blessing of Mini-LED technology makes the product no longer limited to the side-emitting design and can achieve a narrower frame, Especially the lower frame can easily achieve a large screen-to-body ratio.

The 2 mm ultra-thin body is lighter and thinner and portable that is closer to the mobile needs of the product application scene while enjoying the gorgeous picture.


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