Asus offering door-to-door pickup and replacement services on RTX 30 series graphics cards

Asus graphics cards are now available for free on-site replacement after-sales service for one year. Consumers who purchase ASUS RTX 30 series graphics cards can enjoy home repair service and replacement.

According to the info, the unique all-super-cooling technology of Asus graphics cards includes three major technologies: fully-automated manufacturing process, super-alloy power supply, and cool heat dissipation.

Currently, all Asus graphics card PCB manufacturing uses fully automated process technology. Through fully automated production, the uncertainty of traditional manual production lines is reduced.

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It ensures that the graphics cards have consistent high stability and improving the service life of the graphics cards. The fully automated process technology provides users with the most stable and reliable products.

Consumers can follow the “ASUS ASUS Service” official account and enter the “Pickup” keyword in the dialog box to pop up the repair entrance and repair guide to obtaining related services.

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