Metacritic released a ranking of game publishers in 2020

At present, the well-known scoring media Metacritic launched the ranking of game publishers in 2020. The scoring standard is a weighted average method. Not only is it based on the average score of all published works.

But good works with a score of 75 or more and masterpieces with a score of 90 or more will also have different degrees of bonus points, games with a score of 49 or less will have a negative impact on the final evaluation.

After the calculation, SEGA won the title of Game Publisher of the Year in 2020, with representative works such as “Persona 5 Royal” and “Thirteen Aircraft Defense Circle”. The second was Annapurna Interactive, and the third was Capcom CAPCOM.

And Sony that released the TGA game of the year “The Last Survivor: Part Two”, ranked fourth, both of which belonged to Yusanjia Nintendo ranked ninth.Metacritic discloses the ranking of game publishers in 2020: Sega No. 1

The following is the specific ranking:

  1. Sega: “P5R” “Thirteen Aircraft Defense Circle”
  2. Annapurna Interactive: “Florence”
  3. Capcom: “DMC5 Special Edition” and “Biochemistry 3”
  4. Sony: “TLOU2” “Devil Soul Remake”
  5. Activision Blizzard: “Call of Duty” and “Tony Hawk Pro Skateboard”
  6. Microsoft: “Microsoft Flight Simulator” “Elves and the Will of Firefly”
  7. Aksys Games: “Code: Realize: The Creation of Ji Jun”
  8. No More Robots: “Hypnospace Outlaw”
  9. Nintendo: “Assemble! Animal Crossing
  10. Devolver Digital: “The Bleeding Room”
  11. Square Enix: “FF7 Remake” “DQ11S Decisive Edition”
  12. Marvelous: “The Hero Is No Longer”
  13. 505 Games: “Death Stranding” PC version
  14. Ubisoft: “Assassin’s Creed Hall of Valor”
  15. Focus Home Interactive: “Snow Mercedes”
  16. Bethesda: “Doom Eternal”
  17. Team17: “The Messing Kitchen is all delicious”
  18. Humble Bundle: “Supraland”
  19. Sold Out: “Everything in the Kitchen is delicious” PS5 version
  20. Raw Fury: “The Call of the Ocean” EA:
  21. “Command and Conquer: Remastered Edition”
  22. Take-Two: “NBA 2K21”


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