Apple declared on March 7 that it would discontinue the production of iMac Pro all-in-one computers. The official website reads ‘limited quantities, while stocks last. This computer can be equipped with an Intel Xeon W Xeon server processor, 27-inch Retina 5K display panel, and the price can reach more than 38,000 yuan.

On March 20, iMac Pro is officially off the sale on Apple’s official website, and the product page cannot be found, only the normal version of the iMac all-in-one is available. Currently, on Apple’s US official website, you can also find the iMac Pro on the official flip page.

The price ranges from US$3,819 to US$11,000, with an optional 18-core Xeon processor. This computer has been out of stock in the United States and other countries before, and the buy button is grayed out. Currently, users search for iMac Pro is Apple’s official store, and there are no search results to display.

Earlier, Apple also changed the compatibility filter of this computer to ‘2017’ instead of ‘after 2017’, making it clear that this model will not be released in the future. As an alternative to this model, the iMac currently on sale by Apple is also equipped with a 5K P3 color gamut Retina display with a brightness of 500nit.

This computer can be equipped with an up to Intel 10-core i9 processor, 128GB of memory, and can be equipped a Radeon Pro 5500 XT graphics card. Apple stated that the new computer is faster and more cost-effective than the old iMac Pro.



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